MONOLAB has online coaching for students who are working individually or in teams.

We have learned that many students complain about their education. In most cases tutors and professors give very little time and limited individual assistance to students during design processes and often students experience a lack of useful feedback. Of course self learning is part of education, but the right coaching at the right moments is essential. Apart from addressing your university there is the option to get quality coaching by Monolab.

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg can be consulted online by students for advice and extra support during their studio designs, graduate projects or portfolio designs.

The coaching will be by Skype and is possible at all steps of the design process; from research and hypothesis to conceptual design, preliminary design and definitive design.

Jan Willem has a vast experience (see profile) in guiding students through sessions that deliver ways to quickly find answers and ways to improve design, design related skills and working methods.

  • The format of every session is an online Skype session of 45 minutes with whiteboard sketching that will deliver ways to approach the issue(s).
  • The student decides how many consults are required after the first session.
  • Each sessions is prepaid and coaching can be stopped at any moment. There will be no return of
  • Session(s) will be planned after an email with the summary of the issue(s) and payment.

Students should not expect readymade solutions but more targeted understanding and reflection which will lead to a more productive design process and to logic concepts and improved elaboration of projects or portfolios.

If you are interested, mail us at for further details and/or questions.