6 December 2017

We are happy to announce that the Field Pavillion will be built and that construction will start soon.

It is located in the beautiful pastoral landscape of the Maas Valley near the Dutch-German border. What at first sight looks like a garden wall, turns out to be silent architecture.

In this pavillion we try to connect serene qualities to panoramic views and to merge inside and outside as much as possible.

SOUTH EXPLORER 18 and 19 November 2017
14 November 2017

Monolab has Open Doors on Sunday 19 November from 12:00 to 18:00 during the South Explorer event in Rotterdam-South. This weekend art galleries, cultural hot-spots, studios and workshops located in Rotterdam-South have Open Doors. For special tours and visits, plan and schedule see: and Facebook:

Monolab has a tour at 12:00.

Location: Studio Building, Lange Hilleweg 235.

18 October 2017

Monolab is very happy to be longlisted for the Rifat Chadirji International Prize 2017, a competition for rebuilding Mosul. The competition design has been realized by Jan Willem van Kuilenburg with Interns Letizia Armentano, Valentina Battilocchi, Consuelo Cenci, Agnese Giovagnoli, Angelien van der Snel and Alesandro Volpi. Details of the competition can be found here.

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG 
17 October 2017

In the Free Zones graduation studio 2017-2018, master students are now linking hypothesis to the start of design.

Master students 2017-2018:
Sebastiaan Blommestijn
Johan van den Boom
Dennis Burger
Burcu Coninx
Co van Griensven
Anton van Hooft
Javier Leyba
Thinh Pham
Igor Sokolov
Pim Wagemakers

Studio Tutors:
Jan Willem van Kuilenburg and Pieter Feenstra

19 September 2017

The Body House (2005, Katendrecht, Rotterdam) has new owners and will be partly under construction.

The challenge for Monolab is to enhance the original concept.

FIELD PAVILLION/Preliminary Design
11 July 2017

The Field Pavillion is located in the beautiful pastoral landscape of the Maas Valley near the Dutch-German border. What at first sight looks like a garden wall, turns out to be silent architecture.

In this pavillion we try to connect serene qualities to panoramic views and to merge inside and outside as much as possible.

12 June 2017

Save the date: Graduation Show of the Master of Architecture and Urbanism at Fontys, Tilburg. Opening on Friday 30 June at 14:30. Address: Atelier, Rozenstraat 33, Tilburg.

Read more on and…/…/Master-of-Architecture.htm

Exhibition of the final projects of:

Roel Derkx
Li Gubai
Lieke van den Heuvel
Chen Mao
Joeri Schutte
Joyce Verstijnen

31 May 2017

Urban cycling is an individual contribution to a sustainable city.
The single speed bike cannot be beaten by any other means of transport in urban territories.

The bike and the city
The urban cycling toolkit requires a lightweight steel frame. Total weight of the bike should not exceed 9-10 kg. Avoid a carbon frame as it is far too vulnerable and would often need very expensive repairs. Parts are essential: an alloy aero wheelset with good brake pads, a good race saddle, precision drive train (Blackspire MonoVeloce), fast anti-puncture tires (Continental Grand Prix Polybraker), strong and aero mudguards for rainy days (Zéfal 25 mm). Tires, preferably 24-25 mm, should not exceed the width of the wheel rims to keep performance aero. The bike as such will have an extreme agile behaviour which makes it perfect for high speed cycling in urban turmoil. The speed is comparable to mopeds, so a helmet and a loud bell are an absolute must. Use an Ortlieb bike messenger backpack, waterproof and ultimate quality. Lightweight and breathing rainkit and overshoes are an investment but will keep you dry in any terrible weather. Stack and reach (saddle position and length of the slammed stem) will provide an aero position on the bike which will make you very fast. Your flexibility and speed in urban territories cannot be beaten by any other ways of transport. Distance does not matter anymore. It keeps you healthy with a clear head. It will make you observe further ahead; sharp-eyed and more emphatic.

The bike and the designer
Weekly maintenance is essential, so you’ll need a high-pressure pump and some tools. You cannot be an architect if you bring the bike to your local bike shop every time. Maintaining the bike yourself will improve your understanding of mechanical principles; how things work. It also will make you more punctual. These are some of the pillars of being a designer (in perfect health).

23 May 2017

This proposal is to improve public space in Rotterdam South.

Less is more
It tries to generate a maximized improvement by a minimal financial input. Our goal is to achieve a sustainable upgrade of public space together with the residents.

Street life
Rotterdam South is very diverse. Public space however is stony and somber with low quality. Our inventory displays a selection of the most urgent streets. The contrast between private and public is sharp: everything and everyone is inside and there is hardly any contact between citizens, not any streetlife.

Just one row of tiles
‘Colorful South’ proposes to challenge pupils from primary schools around to plant flowers and green along the facade of their homes and to regulary maintain it. Just a few tiles per home need to be removed.

Paint usually lasts for six years; the ambition of “Colorful South” is to last for generations.

15 March 2017

Rotterdam can become the best cycling city in the Netherlands.
That’s what we want to achieve with our design for a Rotterdam Cycling Network: a cleaner, more social, cycling-proof Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Cycling Network is a design for a cycle network that links the tourist highlights of Rotterdam. The aim is to create a kick starter, a flywheel Rotterdam Bicycle City.

It consists of specific high-quality paths with priority and colored asphalt in a loop combined with a number of radians. The loop and radians in all directions are already existing major regional cycle routes that will be upgraded.

At the intersection of loop and radians are Pit Stops with seating, bike rental, toilets, vending machines with foods & drinks and rain capes, phone chargers, repair tools and pumps. Switching to public transport modes around Pit Stops is obvious.

It ensures focus on attractions for tourists and locals.
It structures the cycle network of Rotterdam.
It brings active people naturally together.
It fits the emerging generations.
It provides for a more intensive use of public space in the right places.

8 March 2017

If you are interested in doing an Internship at Monolab, you are welcome to join us.

As of 1 February 2018 new places become available. For more information and requirements, look at our recruitment page. Actual and former Monolab Interns can be contacted here.

CEPT02 news

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG 
15 February 2017

Archiprix 2017, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad was a treat. Thank you, Archiprix, for the great event. We are very proud that Tom van Tuijn and Jolijn van den Berg from MA+U Tilburg, are among the 23 nominees with their final project ‘Serendipity City’. Out of 385 graduation projects!

It was also a pleasure to visit the Mill Owner’s Association building by Corbusier, the Indian Institute of Management by Kahn and the turmoil of Ahmedabad itself.

The Millowners Association Building has a typical Corb approach with two open concrete perimeter screens that make a frame together with the floors. Within this framework lots of volume is created to nestle an exciting assemblage of volumetric parts and stairs. The urban frame has the potential to accept a collection of architectural interventions.

The Indian School of Management by Lou Kahn has very simple and monumental qualities. Trees have grown and complete the human scaled architectural tissue. Concrete and brickwork are in bad shape. Concrete is falling apart because of corroding reinforcement. Restorations are happening but the bricks that replace the eroded parts are made of the same low quality; they crumble in your hands.

CEPT campus that hosted the Archiprix workshops and event has the same combination of concrete and brickwork. But here it is in far better shape. An almost ‘Japanese’ new library by Rahul Mehrotra with three underground levels is almost delivered.

For images click here.

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG 
18 January 2017

“New Lifes for the Dead. Reconnected in the life cycle.”

Public Lecture by Michael van Bergen in the scope of the A BETTER PLACE 2016-2017 Graduate Studio

Friday 3rd. of February 15:30 at MA+U, Tilburg.

Download the invitation: Lecture Michael van Bergen

Serendipity City nominated Archiprix 2017

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG 
17 January 2017

Archiprix 2017, Ahmedabad

Jan Willem will be reviewing & teaching at Archiprix International 2017 in Ahmedabad, India.
CEPT University is hosting this international event that is sponsored by Hunter Douglas and covers the best international graduation projects.

The members of the 2017 Archiprix International jury who met this autumn in Ahmedabad are: Bimal Patel (India), Frida Escobedo (Mexico), Yttje Feddes (Netherlands), Marina Tabassum (Bangladesh) and Steven Smith (Britain).

After three days reviewing all 385 submitted graduation projects designed by 469 young architects, landscape architects and urban designers, they nominated 23 projects for the 2017 Hunter Douglas Archiprix Awards.

The winners will be announced in Ahmedabad (India) on 10 February 2017.

We are very proud that two of our graduates from MA+U Tilburg, Tom van Tuijn and Jolijn van den Berg have been nominated with their final project ‘Serendipity City’.


14 December 2016

How to reduce the traffic on the A58? It appears that 60% of the traffic on the A58 is local and using the highway for only 8kms.

The cities of Breda and Tilburg and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment were looking for a smart solution for the dense traffic on the A58 highway between Breda and Tilburg. Our approach upgrades the secundary and tertiary local network at both sides of the A58 to reduce the logistic density on the highway itself.

thumbnail the_white_booklet-def

7 December 2016

The White Booklet is a collection of Monolab project texts. We have updated the booklet and included also a navigation system allowing you browse even more more easily through the booklet.

To download the booklet click here.


30 November 2016

The Belgian Monument near Amersfoort is built by Belgian refugees during the First World War to keep up their skills. To commemorize its 100–year anniversary, FASadE, Forum of Architecture and Urbanism in Amersfoort, organized a design competition to revitalize the monument as a memorial space for displaced persons.

We made an open pavilion that re-connects building and the memorial wall at the entrance. The roof of the pavillion is a lifted part of the beautiful garden and is randomly grown with lavender. The ceiling is mirror-like and reflects the activities taking place below: commemorations, exchange of experiences and information, cooking and eating together, storytelling, local intercultural events, lectures.

To read more click here.

View to Column of Light from the City Hall roof along a new cable car system.

2 November 2016

In Mulmangol village, a small town sitting on the foothills of Hwangnyoengsan Mountain in Busan, an underground bunker facility has been left unattended for the past decades. As part of its urban renewal project, Busan Metropolitan City decided to provide administrative support for a speedy regeneration project of the underground bunker. The development of the whole area and the renewal of the bunker should naturally contribute to the improvement of surrounding residential area and also provide the appeal of a downtown tourist destination.

To read more about the Column of Light click here.


Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG
5 October 2016

A Better Place is the title of the Graduate Studio led by Jan Willem van Kuilenburg and Pieter Feenstra for the academic year 2016-2017.

Graduate students are now developing their hypotheses for the following cases:

1. City in Transition – case Utrecht – inward growth
2. Back to Nature – case Biesbosch – the people versus nature
3. The Hunt – case Heerlen – public space in shrinking cities
4. Babyboom – case NL – effects of ageing
5. Smart & Healthy – case H – the healthy city from scratch

Final presentations and exams are projected on Friday 23 June 2017.


Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U TILBURG
28 September 2016

The graduation project ‘Foreshore’ by Niek van de Calseijde, Nicky Kouwenberg and Sidney van Well has been nominated for Archiprix NL 2017 by MA+U Tilburg.

The project opens various ecosystem triggered options in a new domain full of opportunities: a Coastal – North Sea territory of The Netherlands.
In ‘Foreshore’ three cases have been elaborated: respectively ‘t Ooghe 52o’, ‘Botanic Dunes’ and ‘Pirate Bay’.

The designs combine three different ecosystems with transforming nature, architecture and mass tourism.

MA+U, the Academy of Architecture and Urbanism in Tilburg is very happy to nominate this quantum leap graduation project for Archiprix NL 2017.

21 September 2016

The goal of this competition is to make an art center that acts as a generator for the revival of the Old City of Suncheon; more than a showcase of art works it generates cultural and community activities.

To read more click here.


14 September 2016

Great to see a picture of all entries of the Tri An Competition exhibited so nicely for the jury and published on the competition website.


Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG
9 September 2016

Congratulations Graduates!
Roel Bekkers, Tim Bolleboom, Niek van de Calseijde (Cum Laude), Robert Jan van Ginkel, Nafthaly de Graaf, Irene Huijben, Nickey Kouwenberg (With Distinction), Robert Lancel, Roy Pesman, Mandy Reijntjens, Jessica Stoop, Sydney van Weil, Joost van der Zanden.


Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U TILBURG
6 September 2016

Friday September 9th starting at 13:30: Graduation Ceremony of the NOBORDERS Graduate Studio @ MA+U Tilburg.

invitation graduate ceremony 2016 (1)

SCA 257

BODY HOUSE IN “HOLANDA/The Netherlands Revista”
23 August 2016

Great to see the Body House in the Argentinian magazine SCA 257. See also

Random Access Memory Archive

15 June 2016

Our proposal for a new underground archive for the impressive heritage of works by the Finnish artists Tapio Wirkkala and Rut Bryk starts with a standard archive which is (re)animated, fully alive and looking ahead by absorbing all 5000 works of the artists with sufficient space for new works by contemporary artists that will be made in five labs.

To read more click here.

Social Platform

31 May 2016

To bring Rotterdam citizens to their unique waterfront PLATFORM can anchor at different places to host events, a marketplace, sporting and can serve as a meeting place with cafe, shallow pool and kindergarten.

To read more click here.

Body House Living

THURSDAY 12 May at 18:50 NPO2 – BODY HOUSE on TV
18 April 2016

We know now date and time of the The Body House broadcasting.

Thursday 12 May at 18:50, NPO2 the house will be featured in the Dutch KRO/NCRV television series Binnenstebuiten.

To see more of the Body House click here.


Body House for Binnenstebuiten

BODY HOUSE on Dutch television soon
5 April 2016

We are happy to announce that the Body House will be broadcasted (again!) on Dutch television. The KRO/NCRV television programme Binnenstebuiten will soon start filming. Since its delivery in 2005, the house has been featured widely and stayed in focus for already a decade. Exact date of broadcasting will follow.


The Body House is a private urban house in Rotterdam built on one of the “Do-it-Yourself” plots located at Katendracht next to the Phenix Food Factory and Deliplein, the new cultural and food hotspots in Rotterdam and part of the ‘Kop van Zuid’ redevelopment.

The Body House is an urban stack of three small and very different projects.
It is an adventurous house described in FRAME (The Great Indoors, Jan/Feb 2009) as “a web of sharp angles, stunning stairways and deep ravines”. To read more, click here.

Site: Parkkwartier Katendrecht, Walhallalaan, Rotterdam
Design: Monolab, team: J.W. van Kuilenburg with W. Hoogerwerf
Year: definitive design March 2001, start construction May 2003, delivery exterior 2003, interior 2004/2005


Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG
23 March 2016

“Landscapes for Change. Design as boundary object”

Public Lecture by Jandirk Hoekstra (H+N+S) in the scope of the NOBORDERS 2015-2016 Graduate Studio

Friday 1st of April 15:30 at MA+U, Tilburg.

ultralite-11_Web News

15 March 2016

ULTRA LITE is a preliminary design for an expo stand. It makes you step into another world: a completely interactive suspended golden cube with a bright interior. The public can see presentations and search for more information on the screen and floor projections inside.

150625 Jasper Vlek Examn.indd

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG
7 March 2016

The MA+U graduates Jasper Vlek and Renske Aben are nominated by MA+U for the Archiprix 2016. Congratulations!

‘Cycling the Canals’ by Jasper Vlek is part of the graduation studio “Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018”. ‘Life Coasting’ by Renske Abe is an individual graduation project for the transformation of the Belgium Coast.

7 March 2016

Have a look at Monolab’s latest initiative into product design.

We moved away from the traditional frontal side view approach and developed a strategy for a new high-end 3D aluminium alloy wheel design.

Public Lecture LOLA @MA+U

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG
22 January 2016

“Living in Lost Landscapes”

Public Lecture by Eric Jan Pleijster (LOLA) in the scope of the NOBORDERS 2015-2016 Graduate Studio

Friday 29 January 15:30 at MA+U, Tilburg.

13 January 2016

MONOLAB lecture ‘SYNC’: 20 January 4.00-4.50 pm, seminar hall no. 2, at CIDCO Center, Vashi, Navi Bumbai, India. The lecture will cover our attempts and designs to synchronise very different programs and environments given by our clients agendas.

Including exhibition of 36 MONOLAB projects during 20-22 January.

Concept Design Presentations 4 december 2015

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg @ MA+U  TILBURG
4 December 2015

Presentations Concept Design “Noborders” Graduate Studio 2015-2016 with Sidney van Well, Robbert Lancel, Tim Bolleboom, Mandy Reijntjens, Jessica Stoop, Irene Huijben, Roy Pesman, Burcu Coninx, Mark Verhoeven, Roel Bekkers, Nicky Kouwenberg, Niek van de Calseijde, Joost van der Zanden, Nafthaly de Graaf

Graduate Studio led by Jan Willem van Kuilenburg and Pieter Feenstra
@ Master Architecture + Urbanism, Fontys Hogeschool

7 July 2015

Have a look at AGROPOLIS, our approach and design for Agropolis at Kinrooi Belgium. The project is based on a translation of Agropolis principles into a productive architecture, into embedded cyclic programs in synergy with nature, agriculture, aquaculture and tourism.

16 March 2015

A survey into the first five years of Monolab projects 1999-2004. Through this small selection we tried to survey definitions and strategic mindsets that might help us to design projects that can handle urgent, contemporary and confronting issues. Click here to download.

24 June 2014

Quote of Het Nieuwe Instituut: ‘…The contemporary era is characterised by radical, technological, economic, cultural and social shifts. Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to illuminate and map a rapidly changing world….’. Reading this, why on earth is the Dutch Pavilion in Venice celebrating Bakema to fathom ‘open society’? Do we still need to look back in fear for what the future might bring? Get real.

15 May 2013

Have a look at our entry THE YELLOW for The Spaces Between – Salt Lake City competition and our animation.

8 October 2012

Monolab is published in ARCHITECTUUR GUIDE for private plots in Waterwijk Nesselande. The guide can be downloaded for free.

10 July 2012

Pioneer Productions is currently filming the BODY HOUSE as part of a design focused television series on residential architecture for Home and Garden Television (HGTV) USA.

20 April 2012

HOLLANDSTAD – INVERTED METROPOLIS winner of a shared first prize in the Smart Cities Biennial 2012 Award during the IABR Rotterdam Architecture Biennal. HollandStad is a design by the 2011-2012 graduate studio of the Fontys Academy of Architecture and Urbanism in Tilburg, under guidance of Jan Willem van Kuilenburg and Pieter Feenstra. The Smart Cities competition was open to students worldwide. They were challenged to develop a vision on future urban development in which a smart city contributes to a sustainable world, socially and economically.

MASTERCLASS at IABR 2012 Rotterdam
16 February 2012

Jan Willem van Kuilenburg organizes a masterclass for Stadslab within the Parallel Cases 2 program SMART CITIES of IABR 2012, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. The subject is SMART SYNERGY – INVERTED METROPOLIS. New perspectives for the Randstad Region through synergy of Green Core (Groene Hart) and Randstad conurbation (periphery).

8 September 2011

GREEN RIVER has been broadcasted. The project focusses on Rotterdam public space. It makes a greener city and opens a new era of leisure oriented use of the Rotterdam river banks. Also see e-architect.

9 March 2010

Monolab has been selected to lead one of the research and design labs of NEDERLAND WORDT ANDERS. This particular lab starts in April and is called HOME MADE: what are the options for private and collective client ship in residential development on an urban scale? The test site is Almere. The labs are organised by the Bureau Rijksbouwmeester (the Dutch State Architect Office) for currently unemployed young Dutch designers. The labs take three months unil the end of June 2010.

10 February 2010

AIR Foundation has invited Monolab to lecture on February 10, 2010 at De Unie on Rotterdam tall buildings and icons. Monolab will contribute with a review on Rotterdam and will present an instrument to review tall buildings. This instrument is meant to operate as an auto-critical reference and bridge to architecture for urban designers, in order to overcome the absence of a coherent urban framework in Rotterdam and as a pro-active mind frame for designers to improve architectural design of tall buildings.

9 June 2009

The manifesto Architecture as generating power for Rotterdam is presented and reviewed on Tuesday June 9, 2009 at 18.00 by 16 architecture practices (Monolab as well) of generation 3.0 from Rotterdam. Supported by AIR. Location Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten.

The manifesto Agenda Rotterdam 2009 can be downloaded for free.

The manifesto Agenda Rotterdam 2004 (with projects from Monolab) is also available.

4 July 2002

Research into improved compactness and new concepts for the next generations of businessbrainparks, in which landscape, urban integration and insertion of commercial property, housing and recreation will play a major role. The results are still confidential and can be viewed and discussed on request.