Status: conceptual design for a Monument for Silicon Valley
Design: Monolab
Team: J.W. van Kuilenburg with Tania Buffangni, Angelo Desole, Francesco Filomena, Sara Idaly
Year: 2020


….a place for the healing of our eco systems….


A better world
Landmark monuments these days require more than just visual appearance: they should be operational for a better world.

A new landmark for San José in this light could be a permanent, 24/7 state of the art world expo.

In our current era Silicon Valley has a new & shared responsibility that transcends the stand-alone core businesses of its corporations.

Accumulated intelligence
Coalitions of Silicon Valley’s corporations, businesses and stakeholders together with universities and concerned experts from all over the world can integrate accumulated intelligence and find ways to heal global issues, like our suffering ecosystems.

Steel grid
Carried by a warped, simple steel grid, Crown of Hope holds an ever-changing constellation of labs, greenhouses and facilities that are mounted and demounted by cranes that ride the circular trajectory on top.

The whole project supplies its own energy by solar cells on top of labs and galleries.

The curved cloud of labs, greenhouses and facilities grows a community of scientists, students and the public that all demand to be informed about progress.

This collective will proceed to heal our global eco systems that are suffering under huge pressure of man and climate change.

Public arena
The project is a public arena that brings experts and people from everywhere together with venue facilities, the world’s biggest communication screen and a botanical garden at its heart.

Botanical garden
In this garden, paths lead to air bridges and a suspended foyer from where visitors can get tickets for different thematic tours along state-of-the-art research labs and exhibitions.

All tours are very specific and lead visitors over galleries along critical paths through the cloud of discoveries and deliver a deeper understanding of urgent global issues.

Crown of Hope is a maelstrom of dedicated exponential intelligence.

It is time Silicon Valley takes up this challenge.