Crystal Palace Den Bosch © 2018
Status: competition Smart Square
Client: BAI – Bosch Architecture initiative with the Municipality of Den Bosch
Design: Monolab
Team: Jan Willem van Kuilenburg with Alessio Gasbarro, Joshua Pagano


…a sustainable space for design experiments…


This assignment is located in the rail zone of Den Bosch, a history of modernity and experiment. The area will become a breeding ground for experts, students and startups. It is the ‘living citylab’, with room for innovation and experiment in public space. The design has to bring people together, as a meeting place for groups of 30 – 50 people during all seasons of the year. It is a window and test location. It has to be flexible and mobile, i.e. moveable after a period of five years. The budget has a maximum of E 40.000. It has to be circular and will contribute to a sustainable city.

+ Crystal Palace 2.0 is a space for experiments; open, welcoming and creative.

+ The project as a whole is sustainable; modular, simple, mountable, demountable, movable and expandable.

+ The entire project consists of second hand reused standard building products; that together make advanced architecture, as a follow up of Paxton and the Eames.

+ The base is a Venlo type greenhouse; together with nine sea containers in a flexible and expandable layout, an open plan with places for food, storage, tech, restrooms and office.

+ The plan layout is dynamic; by a series of curtains that swiftly can define spaces: multi functional, flexible, transparent and adaptable.

+ A revolving expo space; makes an innovative urban window along the perimeter in which also individual and team work can happen.

+ Interior and exterior work together and are interactive; and realize open co-operation, freedom for various co-working formats.

+ The glass roof; can be provided with a PV foil coupled to warm air climate control.

+ A semi-transparent ceiling screen; protects the interior climate against heating up.