Lecture for FADU – Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Universidad de la República Montevideo, Uruguay
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…how to design


The request for a lecture by thirty students of FADU in Montevideo, Uruguay that were interested in the way we work gave us an opportunity to look into the way design happens at Monolab.

So, for the first time ever we investigated a series of our design processes and started another new process of analysis.

Our conclusion is that it is all about a specific mindset every time again. Every project is unique and therefore every design process is one of a kind. Design is unprecedented and it requires a reset of our brains every time again, which means we have different personalities, different teamwork, and a different process to manage every new assignment.

We tried to group data from a cloud of findings which gave us eleven conclusions. Application of these conclusions does not make you a designer. Design requires repetitive experiment over years and years of training. The conclusions might help you to become a better designer.

So, this lecture was not the usual one with exciting images, models, renderings, and drawings. Instead, it was a series of just twelve slides with text. Nevertheless, it describes and embraces numerous of our design processes.