Hotspot, Regeneration of Tongyeong Dockyard ©2018
Status: competition – 2nd prize
Dlient: Korea Land & Housing Corporation – Regeneration of Tongyeong Dockyard
Design: Monolab
Team: Jan Willem with Kuilenburg with Rositsa Atanasova, Alessio Gasbarro, Federica Minervini, Joshua Pagano, Alan Shadap


…a play with land and sea


As the city of Tongyeong faces increasing tourism due to its coastal qualities, this design transforms the decommissioned dockyard into a lively and eventful place for both local citizens and tourists. The project welcomes visitors and offers an interesting and exciting experience with an array of attractions that all interact with both land and sea.


The transformation of industrial heritage, such as the cranes into a multifunctional stage and clubs, warehouses into a food experience, a pier into a cruise jetty and office buildings into a hotel, are the start of our initial layout. Reusing these elements, HotSpot aims to maintain the historic industrial identity of the site while offering visitors new programs: a series of loft-penthouse buildings over an urban glass gallery, a food court with a Food Academy, a pier for cruise ship arrivals, an artists-in-residence cluster, night clubs, sports facilities, a multifunctioning theatre and a hotel.


HotSpot is framed by a closed loop, a wooden coastal boardwalk along the quay that also contours the site along Donam-ro road. The two piers have paths that lead to the main entry of HotSpot which is a hotel composed of four buildings under which an urban foyer with services is nested. A green ribbon connects one of the piers, the cruise ships pier, to the Mireuksan mountain top with the existing cable car attraction. HotSpot defines domains for food and education, arts, sports, water courts, residence, retail and an urban stage. A big pontoon moves tourists and products between Tongyeong center and HotSpot to enhance contact and trading between the north and the south part of the city.


All domains encourage new flows of people and locals while enhancing the city’s economic wealth and awakening of Tongyeong’s hidden qualities. The attractions guarantee perceptual diversity, enhance scenic water/land qualities, and mime the nature of an energetic urban environment. Arts, sports, commerce, leisure and educational activities form together a new, bustling area of the city of Tongyeong.


Along Donam-ro main road we propose a backbone of stacked penthouses with wide panoramic terraces overlooking the site as a catalyst for permanet residence. Private parking, bus stops and taxi services can be found here too. The first floors below the penthouse units are used for services such as shops and restaurants. A glazed gallery leads people onto the coastal boardwalk. Part of the units confining with the food court are programmed for a Food Academy, where students further develop the fusion of local land- and seabased food products.