Parc Omega – Radical Innovation
Status: Conceptual Design – honorable mention
Design: Monolab
Team: J.W. van Kuilenburg with Ramona Ilmer, Yannick Schop, Gian Maria Minelli
Year: 2021


…into a world of deep natural explorations

dispersed hotel program

Parc Omega offers the opportunity ‘to think and design natural’ in terms of a new approach to the hotel facilities. The Parc has a variety of domains and qualities. Instead of approaching ‘the hotel’ in a standard way (as one building or an ensemble of buildings), we have spread the hotel facilities over the Parc. Instead of elevators and corridors we have designed a new constellation of accommodations and facilities that are strongly related by paths for walking, cycling and electric carts. The spread facilities give all guests the deepest experiences possible, within the different ecosystems and landscapes of Parc Omega. Instead of a hotel overlooking nature, Parc Omega will offer amazement by seven deep natural experiences, spread, and embedded in a world of exploration. A family of seven mysterious wooden facilities will be bonded through the road network and added explorative paths for hikers, cyclists, and electric carts. The seven facilities together make a networked hotel, of which each individual part becomes a unique place for memorable experiences within nature. 


The dispersed approach challenges the logistics in terms of guests, food, cleaning, personal and support. Parc Omega already has a road system. We have connected the seven projects by the road system and by new paths for walking & cycling and for carts. The 4-person carts are electric, free to use by guests, and are parked at charging stations at all seven facilities. Dedicated electric vans are for personnel and transport of goods and catering. 

new typologies embedded in nature

If we look at the landscapes in section, we can distinguish several natural layers: sub terranean, at the landscape floor, among the tree crowns, and over the tree crowns. The facilities are embedded in their own way in one or more of these layers, and this leads to various types of design. All have their own specific construction, and all are built of wood. The dispersed hotel facilities are tuned to the specific natural conditions. We have made different specific designs for seven hotel facilities: The Leaves, The Crown, The Flowers, The Nests, The Glacier, The Roots and The Rocks.

the leaves

The foyer as the central facility of the Seven Tales hotel is situated at Lac à Vézina’s North shore. It welcomes the guests and offers parking spaces by three ‘discs’ in the forest. A gravel path brings guests onto the foyer wood deck that has several programs in colored glass volumes. A ‘forest’ of tree trunks carries a wooden ‘leave’ overhead. The two wooden sheets (with oak leaves shapes) together deliver an open-air foyer with its programs captured in colored glass shapes. The restaurant has a terrace over the water. Guests that booked accommodation or a conference can continue their journey with electric carts that are at the flower shaped docking stations, or they can also decide to take a free mountain bike or go hiking. Its biome is biome is aquatic- forest, a breezy introduction at the edge of lake and forest with deer and fish. The program consists of a foyer, lobby, reception, central kitchen, restaurant, mobility hub, shops, and parking.

the crown

This centrally located facility is situated among and over the forest tree tops. The Skydeck on top of two decks with various sizes of guest rooms has facilities for the guests, like food, drinks, and an observatory. A ramp and elevator give access. The complete facility is made of a CLT wood structure. Constructed tree-like timber columns support the three ring-shaped floor levels. Its biome is forest with panoramic vistas over the treetops of the parc with deer, bears and birds. The program consists of accommodation, sky deck, café, lunchroom, and restaurant.

the flowers

Naturally shaped units are organized in circles with a shared center for play, wood fires and barbeques. Outward orientation connects to the natural ecosystem surrounding the facility. Two larger units contain service facilities for sanitary and food preparation. The whole setting functions like a campsite. The Flowers are made of CLT frames with wood shingles cladding. Circular glass doors enhance observations of animals and natural experiences. Its biome is forest with an intimate constellation on the forest floor. Wildlife is deer and small forestall species. The program consists of accommodation, shared sanitary and kitchen.

the nests

Coupled nests are floating on the lake. They have extended panoramic views onto the surrounding nature. Each nest has a sanitary core with kitchenette that is situated between the round plan layout and the monumental entry. Each unit has two double beds and a seating area. One bigger nest has a circular jetty that makes an outdoor swimming pool and connects the two sides of the lake. Indoor we find a restaurant with indoor pool and dressing rooms below. All nests are made of CLT wood frame structure, with covers of shingles, on top of prefab fiber concrete basements. Its biome is aquatic, shelters low on the lake with deer, fish, and beavers. The program consists of accommodation, indoor/outdoor pool and catering.

the glacier

A crystalline shape plays with transparencies and reflections, unexpected amid the forest. This conference center has a dividable auditorium with flexible retractable seating, break out rooms and a kitchen with bar and facilities for breakfast, lunch, and dining. Two terraces are on top, one for visitors and one for conference guests. The CLT frames are deep to make the spans. The whole volume is kept as low as possible for human scale and to fit the scale of the surrounding woodland. Its biome is open woodland and crystalline transparency with deer, bison, and wolves. The program is a conference center with kitchen and restaurant.

the roots

Coupled units are hidden, embedded in the terrain at the forest edge. Partly subterraneous, they offer panoramic views over the forest/tundra landscape. Five units are coupled around a central entry point with ramp. From these units, animal life and landscape can be observed undisturbed. Its biome is forest tundra with panoramic vistas over the tundra-taiga floor. Wildlife is caribou, wolves, foxes, and small forest species The program consists of accommodation with individual sanitary and kitchens.

the rocks

A line of rocks holds fifteen individual units to stay. The rocks are made of CLT wood and covered by shingles and sedum. The wood structure is kept partly open at the interiors to offer storage space. Perforations allow specific experiences of the surrounding nature. The coupled rocks hold a wellness center with various baths and a Finnish sauna. Its biome is rocky forest, dynamic scenery in a forest clearing behind a rocky hillside with mountain goats, ibex, bears, and wolves. The program consists of is accommodation, wellness, and catering.