Ultra Lite © 2016
Status: preliminary design for an expo stand
Client: Florim Milan
Design: Monolab
Team: Jan Willem with Kuilenburg with Alexandra Ionita Mihaela, Sara Marino, Sonia Betiuc Rebeca, Lyubomira Momcheva, Ruxandra Andreea Milut.


…a step into another world…


The aim is to realise a temporary architectural installation to showcase images of the most relevant architectural works built with Florim ceramics.

How to create an installation that can, on one hand, embody the Florim brand and, on the other hand, illustrate its achievements? The installation must be of easy construction and removal (less than 2 days per operation); it is required that the installation can be dismantled and reused in multiple contexts.

A survey of historic and contemporary examples of expo stands made us aware of the over abundance of physical materials applied. We took another approach and tried to make ULTRA LITE as light weight as possible with as little material as possible. We propose to project and communicate everything through interactive beamers. These beamers are pre-programmed and interact with the public.

ULTRA LITE makes you step into another world. It is a suspended golden cube with a bright interior which is completely interactive. The public can see presentations and also search for more information on the screens and floorprojections inside.

Our approach meets the client wish to make transport, montage and disassembly as quick and easy as possible.
All parts are made of light weight materials. Preferably carbon fibre parts, but aluminium alloy 6061 / 7005 is a good alternative. Both are the lightest and stiffest available materials.

Ulta Lite basically consists of four sets of components: floor, structure, equipment and skin.
1. floor: lay-out of modular floor panels. The panels are inter locked to make one sheet. A film on the floor sheet is to be vertically projected upon.
2. structure: a modular structural system cantilevering from a central pole.
3. equipment: montage and tuning of beamers, sound system and potential router.
4. screens and skin: montage of projection screens on the inside and golden skin on the exterior.

Inter locking floor panels made of light weight carbon compound make the floor sheet act as one stiff plane which will stabilize the central pole. Thin diagonal braces lock the floor panels together.

An ultra light and stiff tubular structural system allows very quick and easy mounting with push-fit without further tools needed. It is an outrigger structure with edge L-shaped profile that holds the skins on sides and ceiling.

All four side screens and the floor screen have content through projections from 6 interactive beamers. The beamers that we consider for this project are BrightLink® 500Wi series because of their interactive performance. This way the public can use their hands as a mouse in ‘computer interactive mode’. To scroll up or down the page, or move backward or forward they can use gestures such as flicks. The interactive projections work like a search engine that reveals deeper information of the Florim products and brand. Up to six users can simultaneously work on the same screen. A micro sound system can be integrated.

The skin consists of two screens: a white projection screen on the inside and a gold metalized screen on the exterior side. The L-profile has to attachments for the two skins: a zipper for the projection screen and a Velcro strip for the gold exterior screen. Both screens can be attached and detached easily.