Zarri Beer Lab @ 2016
Client: Zarri, YAC
Design: Monolab
Team: J.W. van Kuilenburg with Zuzanna Mariola Gaszczak, Andreas Leonidou, Francesco Papa, Francesca Sabatini, Alessandro Maria Volpi


…two breweries in one…


Villa Zarri – one of the leading Italian breweries – wishes to follow the most recent trends of consumption by investing in an ambitious architectural project, which will create a top-quality space for craft brewery. The centre that Villa Zarri intends to create, within a beautiful mid 16th-century villa, will be a sanctuary for all beer lovers – a place where beer tasting will meet delicious food, culture and entertainment, within the framework of architectural beauty. The new architectural structure will give the visitors a comprehensive experience, not only will it be possible to taste the products, but also to learn how the products are made and to go through each production phase, thus enjoying a cultural and entertaining experience. Programmatic requirements: multi-purpose space, shop, laboratory, tasting hall, restaurant, beer accommodation.

In our design the beer brewery is the heart of the Lab which is located in the former aging cellar. All other events are organized around it, like the rings of an onion: tasting experience, restaurant with kitchen, multifunctional space and shop.

The complete beer making process is exhibited in the heart of the project. Two breweries, in which two beers are crafted in the same time, make the Lab. Visitors can fully experience all steps of the process by tours, workshops or training.

Around the Lab a series of kitchenettes serves a zone to enjoy beer and food in a more laidback atmosphere. Cooking demonstrations trigger experience with local products. On the two sides of the brewery all ingredients of beer making are part of an aromatic experience displayed in large glass flasks.

The restaurant is a more intimate zone in-between tasting experience and shop. Flexible curtains together with crystal chandeliers are place makers. The restaurant can also function as a festival zone that presents various kinds of beers from all over the world. The open kitchen below the mezzanine prepares menus, drinks, starters and desserts. It has an open layout which makes it into a public arena for presentations and workshops.

The multifunctional space is situated on a mezzanine at +1 level with great views onto the whole project.

The shop brings local food producers and public together in a product exhibition gallery and a market place with local high quality products. The front and side facades of the building are perforated with clouds of sparkling glass showcases that exhibit local products.

The Park makes the Beer Lab and Villa Zarri work together. The Park has a number of dedicated places where the current sets of trees already create ‘green rooms’. Together with the proposed smaller follies, it makes a domain full of discoveries where groups of people meet. Children have their own dedicated place to build up structures of wood. Villa and Lab both have new extended terraces that lead to a pavilion in the center. The Park façade of The Lab is set back to create a terrace between interior and exterior. This glazed facade can open up completely to make Lab and Park into one. The extended terrace has a canopy which is suspended with cables between trees and building.

Main materials are industrial, like polished concrete (floors), brass and steel (brewery), wood (furniture) and glass (facades). More luxurious materials are mesh curtains and crystal chandeliers. The Lab has new transparent facades at the entry and Park sides. The entry façade has horizontal louvers above the entry.